Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Little Blue Dress

Hello lovely people,
Looks like I’ve started really slow this year with my posts thanks to my schedule, I'll catch up though.
I have to fill you in, last year I was exercising in my mind, now, I am jogging three to four times in a week with my pal and fitness partner Leah. We both had kids last year, so the common ground of babies and post pregnancy weight is totally motivating. That aside, work has been really hectic. By the time am done with the day, am so exhausted that I can barely get the strength to even be photogenic. Now you understand my watermelon moment, energy!energy!energy!

On to matters of the day is this blue or maybe purple dress (am not good with colors that are so close) that my lovely auntie bought me. Those are the perks you get for taking people shopping! It is a decent little piece and good in this very hot weather coz its light. Doesn’t it look like lace from afar? I am even calling it a LBD, I can practically wear it to any event or place, it only depends on how I style it, right? To say the least, I love it.
Notice how my hair is all over my face and messy too? That’s all the wind we’ve got nowadays. Hope you’ll love the pics.

Until next time, bye bye!

Blue Dress (Gikomba market)/ Black suede shoes (Stall, Moi Av.)/ Silver metallic clutch (Gikomba market)/ Earrings (Gift from grandma)